Food pickers! Advice please

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Food pickers! Advice please

Post by Jakk » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:11 pm

Hello all,

Our girls are doing really well, thank you for the advice that has been given in some of my previous posts. I have one new question however. The girls are very picky with their food. We give them a dry mix every day and they pick out the bits they like and leave all the good stuff behind. We also feed them good human foods, they love their peas and sweet potato very occasional bit of chicken. The other day I put a hard boiled egg in for them and they went crazy for it. I have tried them on Oxbow and Vita Smart. They didn't seem wild on the Oxbow and they pick through the Vita Smart.

Any Ideas?


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Re: Food pickers! Advice please

Post by izzerie » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:11 am

If they're able to be picky and not eat all of their mix then you're most likely feeding too much. Try feeding less and see if they become less picky :)
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Re: Food pickers! Advice please

Post by [cub] » Mon Jun 15, 2015 10:24 am

Pretty much all pets (and children, and quite a few adults :P ) will eat their favourite things first and leave the things they don't like so much if they're given the option to do so. The way to stop this is to not give them that option: they'll eat anything they recognise as food if they're hungry enough, so if they're not eating some of their food (provided it's definitely food and not e.g. the indigestible grass pellets that commercial rodent mixes are frequently bulked out with), then you're feeding them too much, and you should reduce the amount you're giving them until they're eating it all. Weigh out their food as you give it to them so you know how much they're getting now; this will help you make the correct adjustments as you go.

It is also possible that they're picky about their food because they don't recognise some of it as food – as I mentioned a lot of commercial rodent mixes use grass pellets to bulk out the contents, which are not very digestible to most rodents, so they usually very sensibly leave them behind. There are several articles on feeding on this website, including this one to get you started on understanding how to choose a good quality mix and/or make your own:
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