QuirkilyCurious - Sculptures, jewellery, plush custom items

Websites of shops that sell rat related items.
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QuirkilyCurious - Sculptures, jewellery, plush custom items

Post by HubcapHead » Tue Feb 04, 2014 9:41 pm

QuirkilyCurious is a labour of love full of all kinds of custom made one of a kind items.

I make a lot of rat related items (though I do make other species as well!) ranging from sculptures and jewellery to crocheted items and artwork in traditional or digital mediums. I work in various styles and examples of my work can be found on my website or my facebook page where you can see works in progress as well as a portfolio of past items.

Alternatively you can visit my etsy store where you can find a range of pre-made items.

I do occasionally make taxidermy pieces but only with ethically sourced bones and skulls, NEVER from an animal killed for its fur/pelt. Most of my taxidermy items are made from vets specimens which are old and will be thrown out if not used. If you find taxidermy offensive or objectionable in any way do not click on the 'curiosities' section of my website.
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