Template to be used in all rehoming posts

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Template to be used in all rehoming posts

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Fri Jul 22, 2011 1:03 pm

Please use the template below to provide full details of the animal(s) you are looking to rehome - by using copy/paste to make your post. Posts not using the template or with unsuitable subject bars may be edited or returned for amendment.

If multiple groups of one type of animal are being homed, then you may use one post for all of them, copying the template for each post. However, if more than one species of animal is being rehomed, please make a separate post for each species.

Please note: we appreciate that many rescue animals come from distressing situations, and that potential adopters need some information about these in order to assess their suitability for an animal. However, we ask that all rehoming posts are presented as objectively as possible without excessively emotive language: this can be distressing for many members, and by operating a form of 'emotional blackmail' can also result in the rescuer being inundated with unsuitable homing offers, which is not in the best interests of the animals.

Thread title (to go in subject bar): Please state the number, age, sex, species, and location of the animals to be rehomed (e.g. "2 adult male hamsters, Bristol", "1 adult and 3x 2 month female mice, Yorkshire").

Template for main body of post.

Contact/organisation details:
Number of groups:

(repeat the following for each group)

Number of animals:
Reason for rehoming:
Medical problems:
Will the group be split:
Transport available:
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