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Welcome to Fancy Rats version 2!

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:25 pm

This post contain useful information for all users of the new forum, whether you were a member on the old forum or not.
  • Welcome to the new Fancy Rats forum. We have kept change to a minimum and have only altered things that weren't working, or seemed to be missing from the previous forum. We appreciate that not many people embrace change easily, but we would ask that you come here with an open mind and try to work with things for a while before deciding you hate them! We would remind you that there are some small additions and changes to the forum rules and we would ask that you all take the time to read through them before posting. This will help to prevent you from receiving moderation for unintentional rule breaks.
  • New forum areas. The following boards are new to this forum: Articles, Cage occupancy recommendations, Physique, Making up a mix, Rescue care, Feeder breeding, Adult chat and Junior chat. A number of other forum boards have been split to create new boards such as Bulletins, Varieties and genetics, Breeding, Other pets (care), Your other pets and Cumulative threads. All information boards including the articles section can be posted to by members, but all posts are subject to approval - and discussion where necessary. Each new area has its own guidelines which you can refer to before posting. Bulletins is the only board that can only be posted to by the admin team, but some other areas are restricted to certain groups.
  • Forum groups. There are two members groups to which all new members will be allocated - Registered users and (for members under 16) Junior member. Other groups are available and you may request to join one or more of these by sending a PM to Fancy Rats Admin.
    Adult - being a member of this group allows access to the adult chat forum. Juniors have their own private area automatically. Please note that all forum rules apply accross the board, including in adult chat.
    Rehoming - being a member of this group allows access to the rehoming boards, rather than going through Fancy Rats Rehoming (via PM). Applications will only be considered for this group from people who regularly post in rehoming and have consistently submitted templates to Fancy Rats Rehoming that are within the rehoming rules. Rehoming rules are unchanged from old Fancy Rats and those who formerly had rehoming rights will keep them providing they have been using the rehoming section regularly over the past 6 months. Please note that you will still need to request to be added to the rehoming group after joining.
    Larger inbox - being a member of this group will allow you to have twice as much storage space for PMs as other members, this will amount to 100 messages in each of 5 inboxes. Each member has one default inbox, one saved messages box and the capacity to create three further specific inboxes through the PM user interface. Membership of this group costs a nominal fee of £5 a year, payable to the forum via PayPal using the email address web@fancyratsforum.co.uk.
  • Moderating system. The moderating system has been completely changed in order to allow unilateral moderation while maintaining fairness and consistency. This means that automatic warnings will be given for all rule breaks but these will vary in severity in terms of how many are allowed before a temporary ban is issued. We hope that this will mean that moderation is usually prompt and that only complex cases need discussion. However, occasionally there may be a delay in moderation where a rule break is missed initially and spotted later. We rely to some degree on reported posts and this system has been working well on the old forum, so we would encourage you to continue to report rule breaks and problematic posts as and when you see them. The new moderation system is detailed here.
  • Ongoing topics and information. We have decided not to copy over any threads to the new forum as this would be extremely time consuming and laborious. We also feel that the new forum should represent a fresh start, and along with the cancellation of previous moderation we believe that starting ongoing threads again allows individuals to move on from comments they may have made many years ago - and no longer adhere to. However, we would like to make it clear that all active threads from the old forum can be re-started here, and that the old topic can be linked to in the first post if you so wish. All short-term threads that can be concluded on the old forum should not be restarted, and we will run both forums actively for a short period to allow these threads to be wound down. All entries into the web directory and other resource areas can simply be reposted here. Rehoming posts must be resubmitted here via a PM to Fancy Rats Rehoming.
  • The admin team. We now have 5 administrators (cyber ratty, tabirat, Midnight Rose, KatieD and toyah) - and 11 admin aides (Jemma, Lillyland, purple_vixen, Nicky, Lloy-D2788, Kyra, Helzie, daffee, Hanlou and two outstanding).
  • Getting more help. If you are still confused please make use of the Forum help board to ask any remaining questions - if you are needing clarification you can be sure others will be too!
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