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Forum moderation and warning system

Post by Fancy Rats Admin » Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:50 pm

The new moderating system based on automated warnings (sent out by PM), and warnings are split into two categories - minor and major.

Minor rule breaks (leading to minor warnings)

Five or more minor warnings over a 12 month period lead to temporary ban. Minor warnings lapse after 1 year.

Minor rule breaks are:
Posting inapropriate material
Signature breaches
Avatar breaches
Deleting post content
Textspeak and ratspeak
Multiple posts on one topic
Duplicate accounts
Shared accounts

Minor warnings are delivered using a standard PM system and can be issued by administrators or admin aides.

Major rule breaks (leading to major warnings)

One or more major warning can lead to temporary or permanent ban depending on severity. Attacks and behaviours listed below when directed at members, individual members of the admin team, or FRA result in a major warning of this severity.

Major rule breaks are:
Breaches of the terms and conditions e.g. slander, racism, threatening or hateful behaviour.
Ganging up
Personal attack
Name calling
Abusive behaviour
Suggestions of violence
Threatening behaviour
Creating a new account when banned (needs ban email)

Two or more major warnings are required before a temporary ban can be issued for all attacks and behaviours described above when directed at non-members, third parties and other species, plus the following rule breaks.
Advertising rule breaches
Rehoming rule breaches
Discussion of DIY euthanasia

Major warnings are delivered using a standard PM system and can only be issued by administrators.
Warnings issued will be reviewed on a weekly basis to assess how the system is working and that it is fair.
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