Rescue care - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

A place to talk about the issues that relate to rescues and rescuing, such as quarantine, rehabilitating damaged rats and such like.
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Rescue care - useful stuff and frequently asked questions

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Useful Stuff

The information section contains the following articles related to rescue and rehoming:
  • Safe transportation of rats
  • Homing rats
  • Fostering rescue rats
  • Adoping rescue rats
Frequently asked questions
Q: I am aware that some rescues don't practice standard quarantine and I was wondering if there is any way of rescuing regularly and still keeping the rats in your care safe from infection.
A: In order to quarantine effectively on one premises you really need to have a separate air space and to limit incoming rats to 9at most) one group a fortnight - or keep some groups in quarantine for longer. Even then cross infection is always posible and no method is guaranteed safe. Some rescues prefer to have foster homes who do not currently keep rats, to quarantine newcomers. Even then, a few infections can be spread by well carriers so would not show until the rats were mixed with other rats. However, this is rare and it is always preferable to quarantine incomers if possible.

Q: I rescue rats and rehome them on a regular basis but have no income for this except for the donations I sometimes receive from people who adopt rats from me. I am wondering if there is any way of getting financial help to cover larger vet bills for the rescues in my care.
A: While it's probably sensible to only rescue within your means, there will obviously be occassions when you may need a little financial help, to cover an unforseen rescue bill. The North of England Rat Society administers a Rescue Fund for just such times, and you can apply to this by emailing
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