Breeding - guidelines for posting

Breeding related topics, including the care of pregnant and nursing does, kitten questions and subjects like inbreeding and outcrossing.
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Breeding - guidelines for posting

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Guidelines for posting
Please check and search the Breeding and Varieties section of our archive forum as there is a vast amount of information already contained within these threads. The Useful stuff announcement in that section may also help you to find the information that you need.

Choose a post title that will clearly indicate your question, so "Help needed with solitary baby" rather than "Don't know what to do" as an example.

We welcome discussion from breeders about their breeding choices but we ask that litter threads and litter availability are generally posted in the Your Rats section. However, if a member posts asking for details of breeders of a specific variety that you breed, or a breeder in your area, please feel free to post a reply that includes availability and/or waiting times.

All genetic and variety related topics should be posted in the Varieties and genetics section.

Autoprune is a feature that automatically deletes threads that have not been posted to within a certain amount of days.
In this forum autoprune is set to 2 years.
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