Need help. New to petting rats. They're starving.

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Need help. New to petting rats. They're starving.

Post by Naseef_abdeen » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:00 pm

Hi there. I am living in India and bought 2 white rats from a local pet store. Things I want to know is about their diet as rat food isn't available here and cleaning of their cage. I've used cloth as bedding on a barred cage. But the rats always like to go under the cloth and walk on the grills. I've heard grill can cause harm to them. They try to hide the food I give them(fruits and vegetables) on the grill and it falls off. They seldom get anything to eat. And using cloth as bedding pee is causing smell in the room. What else can I use as bedding which solves all the problems? I am currently cleaning the cloth once in a week. Is it often enough? EXPECTING QUICK HELP.

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Re: Need help. New to petting rats. They're starving.

Post by rattienewbie » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:26 pm

Put a litter tray in the base and add substrate bedding (shredded cardboard ect) put their food in this so not only will they enjoy looking for food (natural behaviour) but it will also prevent it from falling through the bars. I would also look for a rat mix for them as this is provides a balanced diet, you can buy this online and they can still get fresh vegetables too.

I use cloth bedding myself and usually change it every 5 days or so but it just depends, my rats are litter trained so that helps keep smells down. Rats also need toys and things to chew on as their teeth constantly grow, they may also like a few hammocks and some nesting material such as tissue paper and paper towels.
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Re: Need help. New to petting rats. They're starving.

Post by Jemma » Wed Mar 25, 2015 7:53 pm

i would remove the grill at the bottom of the cage so they didn't have to walk on it and there's no danger of them losing there food. You can then use a loose substrate in the bottom which is more absorbant like aspen shavings or hemp (not sure what is available over there, check out horse bedding). If you can get a photo of the cage we can probably help more. Failing that you could make a tray from corrugated plastic very easily and often can pick this up from places that manufacture signs and such.

In terms of diet they won't do well just on fruit and veg. For now cook up some Brown rice (about 200g) and crack in an egg then heat through (or some fish flaked through). Let this cool and give them a few spoon fulls a day along with a bit of veg and fruit once a week. Then chuck in cooked bones you have left over about once a week and give them occasional small peices of liver.

That will cover you for the short term. It's not ideal as a long term diet but it's reasonably balanced and should help them recover.

The next step is to look into a more perminant diet. There are several options for this. Have a read of this and these two articles help too


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