Old before her time

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Old before her time

Post by Miss Aislin » Sat May 31, 2014 11:28 pm

The backstory here is that Sugar, my British Blue hoody, came to me last May. She'd been advertised on preloved and I was told she was 4 months old. When she arrived, at an estimate I'd have guessed much younger, she was tiny - but had been kept on her own in a plastic tank-cage not suitable for even mice, and on a poor diet, so 4 months may have been accurate. She had a slightly square tail and looked a little odd (I can't really explain why - she still looks a bit odd, her skull looks slightly elongated and her hips seem to stick up more than they should)

About a month after she arrived I found her bleeding from inside her ear - COVERED in blood. I got her to the vet first thing in the morning but she'd gone cold and floppy. The vets got her back up to strength, suspecting something very bad... But when she got back to health she was completely fine. No tumour, no seizure or stroke - nothing wrong at all. The only issue was blood loss. I noticed she tended to bleed excessively from little things like nicked nails. The conclusion was that she had likely got a small cut inside her ear and just bled and bled. So... Blood clotting disorder.

Since then she's had a few bleedy episodes - resulting in having to have her womb removed last month. She didn't bleed out during surgery - well, not from the operation site, she did bleed excessively though from two pinpricks where she'd had her injections. I was told at the time she was underweight - which is odd as most of the time my vet points out my girls are a bit overweight (not massively so, apart from Lucy who I suspect had hormone problems as she was always much chunkier than her sister despite a strict diet). So she's always been scrawny and slightly frail looking.

My issue is that she's been looking 'old' for a few months now. She's barbered her front paws and her back leg looks very patchy, her fur is thin and she wobbles when she walks (like the beginnings of hld) and these days she just seems... Tired all the time. No sign of illness or infection, she seems fairly happy - she just seems ancient. I have a 27 month old who looks the picture of health, full thick coat, still active etc, and Sugar at 17 months (aprox) looks haggard enough to be her mother. Sugar perked up a bit when my two baby rats arrived, and I had hoped she'd liven up after being spayed (as I suspected her dodgy womb might have been causing the barbering and stress).

She just seems... Old. Like a 3 year old rat who seems exhausted, but she had a full health check last month - lungs and heart and everything seem okay. Anybody have any ideas why? Allegedly she originally came from a breeder but I do suspect the person who had her before me got her from a pet shop - is this just poor genetics? An undiagnosed problem? I know British Blues are prone to funny bleeding issues but do they have a shorter lifespan in general?

I just have this nasty feeling she won't see 2 years old :/
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Re: Old before her time

Post by sbarnett984 » Sat May 31, 2014 11:53 pm

First thing that pops into my head with blood and sluggishness is anemaia. Poor little girl, give her scritches from me :hearts:


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