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Post by cookiemistress » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:46 pm

I use BioCatolet from pets at home, i think other places do sell it to, its a green paper bag with a white cat on the front.
I've found that i get minimal smell from my boy and i dont need to completely clean his cage as often.
Being paper based it doesnt play havoc with their respiratory system, i'd reccommend it to anyone.

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Re: BioCatolet

Post by Felix » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:40 pm

Unfortunately Biocatolet contains added perfumes so I really wouldn't recommend it.

'Back to nature' is similar and doesn't have added nasties

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Re: BioCatolet

Post by wavoguns » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:12 pm

I've been using Biocatolet for over a year now, after having tried other paperbased litters such as generic paper cat litter, Smartcat or Yesterdays News. I was surprised to read it contains perfumes as it certainly doesn't smell of any perfumes. It doesn't smell of anything. I got curious and looked at the bag I've currently got and there's no mention of it anywhere. I would expect any additives to be shown on the bag as "ingredients" similar to clay cat litter etc which lists it all.
So far my rats have not had any problems with Biocatolet at all, I had problems before with resp issues, mites, allergies etc, but since using Biocatolet all this has stopped. My rats don't have much in their cage anyway because I have them litter trained and only have a small litter tray with the substrate in their cage, other than that it's lined with carboard or just plain plastic.

Generic paperbased cat litters or Smartcat I've found to be too soft, too light and still quite dusty. Yesterdays News is good, but the pellets are very thin and hard pressed and I find it too expensive to use all the time really. Finacard is another good litter, but again, it's not as easy to come by and not cheap unless you buy a huge bale intended for horse boxes. If you only have a few rats like me (4) and a litter tray rather than filling the whole cage, it's not really worth it as I don't have the space to put a whole bale of Finacard. Occasionally a rat owner will buy a bale though and advertise on the forum to share it wiht others, that's a good alternative.

I will however do some more research into Biocatolet, now that I've read about the perfumes, and see what else there is out there, but for me at the moment it's the most reliable, readily available litter.
:) Gundula and the Farmdale rats :)

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