Cosy Beds and Burrows

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Miss Aislin
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Cosy Beds and Burrows

Post by Miss Aislin » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:04 am

I was very hesitant to get my destructive girls more softies - I might aswell just have handed them my purse to gnaw through, but I've had my Cosy soft shelf for a month now and not a nibble.

All their products are made of thick fleece, which comes off of the frame for easy washing, my girls love it and often you'll see all three of them piled upon it. There are a wide variety of fleece patterns and sizes available and the woman who runs it is very nice and honest

The only slight downside (and I do stress this as very slight) is if you have very pale rats and a very bright Cosy there may be slight fur staining before the first few washes. (My own fault for choosing a red cosy when I have a white rat lol)

All in all I'd give them 4 1/2 out of 5 :)
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Re: Cosy Beds and Burrows

Post by _PeachyPetite_ » Mon Mar 26, 2012 3:34 pm

I ordered a 'Cosy Double Cuddle Hammock' (multi level hammock) from Cosy Beds and Burrows a small while ago and I'm very happy with my purchase :)

The hammock is bright and colourful, making a lovely addition to my cage. It's well made and very soft to the touch, and a lovely size. It was easy to hang in the cage and seems sturdy enough. My girls haven't slept in it as of yet, but that may well be because they have quite a few other options in their cage right now and there's just the three of them (it may also be due to the positioning in my current set-up, they prefer to sleep higher up). They do like running across it and hiding inside it to munch their food! It creates a nice little hidey hole and I think these hammocks in particular are an excellent way of creating more levels in a cage without the use of shelves. I like that it can be used as both an enclosed hammock, but also an open one if they decide to sit/sleep on top.

They've not even attempted to chew it yet and by feeling it, the fleece seems reasonably thick so I don't think it would be easily destroyed, unless you have super chewers of course ;)

Cosy Beds and Burrows seem to offer a range of quite different cage furniture which is nice to see. There are some interesting ideas there and I definitely think they are worth a look if you're looking for new ways to incorporate soft but sturdy furnishings into your cage.

ETA - I forgot to mention this, but my order came really fast which was great :)
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Re: Cosy Beds and Burrows

Post by Hephaestion » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:02 pm

I bought two cosy hammock hangers and two spare covers from here not so long ago. They are a brilliant idea, excellent quality, easy to clean and best of all, my five girls are on them all the time. They sleep on them and use them as a platform to observe the world.

Delivery was fast, even to Ireland and the products arrived in impeccable condition. The postage calculation didn't take account of overseas delivery and the owner very kindly covered the difference in postage as I was a first time customer ordering multiple items.

I strongly recommend these products and look forward to trying out more products from the cosy range.
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