Rosewood 'Options' Luna 400

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Rosewood 'Options' Luna 400

Post by babytarragon » Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:16 pm

I had heard good things about this cage on the forum but not seen any owner photos. I bought it after reading a comment that the access was good, and that turned out to be true! The stock photos are very unclear so I felt this review might be helpful.

This cage is made by Rosewood, and is part of their Options line. It's 100cm x 55cm x 69cm.

I paid £70 (and got £3 cashback lol) which seems reasonable. It does have a slightly cheap feel to it (especially the plastic) when compared to my Furet Plus. It comes with wire platforms which I didn't use, and a hanging tube which is pretty cool.

The wire base is not attached to anything so simple enough to leave out.

- Assembling is very quick and easy with pliers.
- Large floorspace, good for bucks.
- Narrow/medium bar spacing - widest gap is still under 1.5cm.
- Excellent access.
- Very deep base.
- Coated bars.
- Affordable.

- Doesn't look that nice, bars are a bit 'bendy'.
- Plastic base feels thin.
- Quite heavy, making cleaning and moving difficult for some people.

Depending on opinion:
- Vertical bars on sides prevent climbing. I like this as they don't wee on my curtains and it will encourage them to use enrichment to climb, but you may find it annoying as you can attach less stuff!

Big cage with big access!

Not fully furnished yet, but to give you an idea! That's a standard Ferplast Furet shelf to show the size.

Some of the massive floor space!

An annoyance: these corners look ugly and awkward. The gap is just under 1.5cm, so their claim of 10 bar spacing is a little off.

Overall, I think this cage is good value. You get a lot of space for your money, but don't expect Italian quality from this Chinese cage!

I give it :dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo: :dumbo: - very good. Would be excellent if not for cheap build quality.

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