Just got my 2 male rats...Pumpkin and Boo

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Sam I Am
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Just got my 2 male rats...Pumpkin and Boo

Post by Sam I Am » Thu Oct 06, 2016 7:18 pm

My wife and i just got 2 male rats from a pet store. (didn't know that getting them from a pet store was not a good idea) I got the two most active and the two that were cuddled up. They are young, as i found out from the vet, about a month old or so. Very small. One is a rex rat and one is white with a bit of brown on the head and red eyes. They were very skiddish at first but now they come to us without issue and WANT to be handled and played with. They are always hungry when awake. lol I am sure my wife is over feeding them lol we looked up extensively what not and what to feed them. We have been giving carrots, parsley, the bricks of their food, chicken and oysters for meat, bran flakes and other scraps here and there. They are very excited at feeding time. When i first got them they were sneezy. I know nothing about rats really so i had to do some digging to find out why. First thing i found out was that they cannot be put in pine bedding. That is what they came out of at the pet store. The same day i got them i removed it from the cage and replaced with the soft paper bedding. arrrgggggg I immediately went back to the pet store and let them know but i dont think they care and i was not taking them back cuz even after one day we were attached. lol I took them to the vet after more research to find out they probably had respiratory issues and needed antibiotic. I have the antibiotic and then had to figure out from YouTube how to administer when i am not 100% comfy with the rats as of yet. lol I tried getting my wife to hold the rat while i put the plunger in the side of the mouth and it worked but we lost a couple doses trying lol Then i looked on line more and found someone give a tiny bit of applesauce with the antibiotic in that...IT WORKED. Then i started experimenting with other foods putting the drops on the tiny bit of food so they eat it all and it all works great now. no more trauma with the plunger. We have two dogs so we had to move the cage, as it is three stories of fun to a place the dogs could not knock it down. My wife, when im not home frequently takes them out and plays with them and interacts with them. When i get home i do the same. They seem happy and content. They curl up together in their crinkle roll suspended in the cage. I have hanging blocks and chew things for their teeth and hammocks and little fleece blankets. They have a food dish and water bowl that is attached so they cant tip anything over. Am i missing anything?? should i be doing anything different? we do have a very large storage container we use for them to run around in when taking out of the cage. is that good enough or should i get them an actual playpen from the pet store? Sorry this was so long but i am completely new to the rat community :) thank you,
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Re: Just got my 2 male rats...Pumpkin and Boo

Post by Caza66 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:42 am

Hi and welcome to the forum and the world of ratties. They are lots of fun and you will spend lots of time reading and experimenting. There are lots of great ideas on here for feeding, out of the cage time, cage set ups. Too many to cover in one message. Have a read through and if you have specific questions, just ask.

Oh, by the way, we always insist on photos of your new additions. :lol:
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