What's in your mix?

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by acapae_wolf » Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:40 pm

New mix with pigeon food! Will be the last straights-based batch I make for a while as my MMF sack is no more and I have Harrisons next :)

1/4 scoop old mix
1 1/2 scoops old boy mix (leftovers)
1 1/2 Bucktons Ruby Gold (Maize, Popcorn Maize, Red Maize, White Dari, Red Dari, Safflower Seed, Wheat, Paddy Rice, Naked Oats, Buckwheat, Linseed, White Rice and Mung Beans [sic])
1/2 flaked maize
1/2 millet
1/4 white rice
1/4 hemp
1/4 canary seed
1/2 Wafcol salmon and potato
Big handful of bunny herbs and willow leaves

I want a few more small seeds for them, but not linseed because I have a horsey bottle of the oil of that now :lol:

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by ami_j » Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:49 pm


5 Scoops of banana brunch, 2 scoops of Bucktons diet supreme pigeon food, 1 scoop of value cornflakes, half a scoop of kallo puffed rice, 1 scoop of tesco value dog mixer and a bit of whole maize and hemp seed
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by MxBlu » Tue Sep 16, 2014 1:06 am

bumping out of interest
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by RatNation » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:50 pm

The actual mix consists of
Harrisons Banna Brunch:
cooked flaked peas
cooked flaked barley
cooked flaked maize
coked flaked beans
mixed wheat discs (with vitamins)
banana chips
flaked carrot
banana essence
vitamins + minerals

No. 11a Complete - For all Adults:
paddy rice
whole barley
flaked barley
flaked maize
flaked peas
white dari (milo)
mixed millet
flaked buckwheat
brown basmati rice
flaked soya
seed mix (hemp, pumpkin seed, linseed, milk thistle, fennel, white quinoa)
bite size wheat pillows
crisped rice
spelt puffs
mixed puffs
dried mixed vegetable
carrot flakes
dandelion leaf
kelp powder/pieces
red bell pepper
mixed berries
carob (locust bean)
raspberry leaf
diced pineapple pieces

They also get supplements and fresh fruit and veg (fruit as a treat) and leftovers from our tea :)
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by [cub] » Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:54 am

Resurrecting this thread because after 2 years of rat-keeping, I think I've finally settled on a feeding regime that works for everyone involved.

I make my rat mix out of ingredients that I get at supermarkets and RatRations. The ingredients get split between 4 sub-mixes: most of it goes into the standard mix, which is scatter fed as normal in the main cage. High value, low detritus foods go into the free range mix, which gets hidden around the free range area to encourage exploring. High value, low density foods go into the scatter mix, which gets buried in the digging box. And very high value foods go into the treat mix, which is hand fed and also keeps rats entertained while they get health checks and nail trims.

The downside of this is that I have to make sure I feed the 4 sub-mixes in the right proportions to each other, so there's a bit more calculating and weighing to do than there would be with just one big mix. But the upside is that I have a sub-mix to suit every situation, and I know exactly how many treats I can give out without them being extra-budgetary. I make all the sub-mixes at the same time as part of the same batch (since they all get finished at the same time), so it's actually not much more work than making one big mix.

The treat mix, containing fruit and larger nuts and seeds:

The scatter mix, containing lighter puffed and flaked foods:

The free range mix, containing the rats' favourite remaining low-mess foods:

The standard mix, containing everything else:

Here is the composition of the mix as a whole (i.e. all the sub-mixes rolled in together):

77% grains
100g pearl millet
100g proso millet
100g paddy rice
100g red sorghum
100g white sorghum
75g pearl barley
75g pot barley flakes
75g white hominy
75g yellow hominy
75g rye flakes
50g barley groats with husk
50g barley flakes
50g buckwheat groats
50g buckwheat groats with husk
50g roasted buckwheat
50g Job's tears groats
50g cornflakes
50g popcorn kernels
50g rolled oats
50g brown rice
50g white rice
25g puffed brown rice
25g bulgur wheat
25g giant wholewheat couscous
25g wheat flakes
15g puffed Job's tears

12.5% pulses (all soaked and microwaved)
130g soya beans
20g split black gram
20g split chickpeas
20g puy-style lentils
20g split mung beans
20g split green peas
20g split yellow peas

5% nuts and seeds
15g flaked coconut
15g sunflower seeds in shell
10g almond flakes
10g cashew nuts
10g hemp seeds
10g linseeds
10g pumpkin seeds in shell
10g walnuts
2g caraway seeds
2g coriander seeds
2g cumin seeds
2g fennel seeds
2g sesame seeds

0.5% invertebrates
10g mealworms

1.5% fruits and vegetables
10g carob pod
10g carrot
10g celery
10g diced dates
10g leek
10g parsley
10g parsnip
5g beetroot
5g currants
5g mixed bell peppers
5g sultanas
5g tomato
5g wakame

2kg total: 1.3kg standard mix, 500g free range mix, 100g scatter mix, 100g treat mix
~13% protein, ~6.3% fat

In addition to this, they get fresh veg (usually cooked 'cause they're picky sods) 6 days a week, animal protein once a week (usually egg or oily fish), bones once a month, hay or other dried forage every so often, and 0.8g DailyRat3 per rat per week.
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