Making my own mix

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Making my own mix

Post by Samana » Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:38 pm

I was thinking about making my own mix, does this sound like it would be ok and would I need to add any supplements to it?
20%science selective
20%mixed cereals was thinking Tesco oats rice pops and a wheat based cereal
10% dried meal worms
5% seeds pumpkin and sunflower
5% frozen veg?
If you think I should make any changes please let me know. I've been buying from rat rations but I find the postage really expensive.

Thanks :)

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Re: Making my own mix

Post by [cub] » Wed Aug 09, 2017 10:57 am

I'll assume you're doing the mix by weight and not by volume.

40% HBB and 20% Science Selective Rat sounds like a decent base to me.

20% mixed cereals is a good idea in theory, but the specific cereals chosen aren't great:

- Oats are a poor choice because HBB already contains oats, and at #3 on the ingredients list they're probably a significant component. Oats are very high in phosphorus as grains go – beaten only by amaranth among the more common grains. High phosphorus diets are taxing on animals with kidney disease, and many older rats (especially males) have some degree of undetected kidney disease. So unless your rats are young and preferably female, it's a good idea to limit the high phosphorus foods in their diet. Adding oats to an already oat-containing base goes against this principle.

- Rice is a good thing to add, since neither HBB nor SSR contain rice, but most rice pops are far too high in sugar and salt to be anything other than an occasional treat. If you want to use puffed rice in their mix, go for the "wholefoods" versions which are just puffed rice and nothing else. Other good ways to add rice are plain uncooked brown rice, or rice flakes (available from the "free from" section because people use it as an alternative to porridge oats).

- A wheat-based cereal is also not a great choice because Science Selective Rat is already mostly wheat. Wheat can be high in phosphorus (it varies hugely depending on the species and exact strain of wheat and the processing method) so it's a grain to be cautious of in general, similar to oats.

- "Economy" range corn flakes do have some added sugar and salt, but less than standard range versions. You can use them in your mix in small quantities to add a bit of variety; I have them in my mix at 2.5% of the total. You can also get plain popcorn kernels and use them too; HBB does already contain a lot of maize but maize is low phosphorus and therefore not problematic in large quantities.

10% mealworms is far, far too many mealworms. Mealworms are extremely high in protein and fat: fine as an occasional treat, kidney-murdering in large amounts. I do put mealworms in my mix, but only at 0.5% of the total.

5% seeds is probably fine, but I'd try to get some more variety than just pumpkin and sunflower. Hemp and linseed are good quick options if you want to keep the ingredients list short.

5% frozen veg: How is that going to go into the mix without just making everything soggy?

Supplements: You will need some sort of supplementation with this. Only 60% of the mix is supplemented (the HBB and SSR); the other 40% is not. I suspect the main worries with this particular mix would be calcium and vitamin D. You could probably cover them with sufficient amounts of bones and salmon, or you could get human calcium+vitamin D supplements and crush them down and dose them out accordingly. Or you could just buy supplements from RatRations, but at that point you may as well buy the mix from there as well.
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Re: Making my own mix

Post by Samana » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:53 pm

I think after considering this I will just be buying from rat rations who knew making a rat mix was so complex!!!???

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