A play area for my rats.

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A play area for my rats.

Post by Takahashi » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:09 am

I haven't gotten rats yet, but I'm wondering if my closet would be a sufficient play area for them, and my rabbit. (at the same time is yet to be determined)

I plan on taking the door off of my closet, and when I measured it, the length was 74 and the width was 43. There's a possibility that the cage would also be in the closet (because of living arrangements), now I'm not sure what the measurements of the cage are yet, but I'm looking at either Critter Nation cages or maybe a Martin's Cage.

So, my question is, with or without a cage in the closet would that be big enough for 2, possibly male rats to play and run around and what not? My 1 bunny would also play in there some times.


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Re: A play area for my rats.

Post by cyber ratty » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:21 am

Firstly, don't let your bunny and your rats meet - it's dangerous for both species, they could very easily injure each other.

Are you in America? If so, I'm guessing your measurements are inches, and so the area is about 6' x 3.5' which will give the same amount of space as most people's bathroom. That's fine if you make it interesting by giving them things to play on/in/with, but they won't be able to get a real run. If you could allow them into your main room then they would be able to run properly, but many owners aren't able to provide the space to do that anyway.

I think the critter nation cages are like our SRS, which has a shelf underneath and is on legs with wheels - this means that the rats can use all the floor space underneath the cage as well, so the cage doesn't impact on their play area. If you're taking the doors off the closet though, you'd need to consider how you'd be keeping the rats in. ;)

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