8 month rat always sick

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8 month rat always sick

Post by Tickitaylor94 » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:49 pm

I have had my rat lilly from a kit, i had gotten her from a petshop as i could tell she had a respiratory infection along with her 5 sisters. All have since recovered however lilly has had respiratory infection symptoms from day 1. She is still very active, naughty typical little rat, however she always shows symptoms of the infection. We have e tried baytril, doxycycline, f10 solution in humidifier and meticam but it doesnt subside. The vet suggested an xray to see if its her lungs or heart, however I'm reluctant to do this is as she is still just as active as the rest and theres such a huge h risk with her being sedated if shes ill. What would you guys suggest? im really struggling to come to terms with this.

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Re: 8 month rat always sick

Post by [cub] » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:11 pm

Does the vet think there's a huge risk with her going under anaesthetic, or is it just you that's worried? If the vet is worried, I'd find another vet. If it's just you that's worried, I wouldn't worry. An animal only needs to be anaesthetised briefly and not particularly deeply for most diagnostic procedures; it's not a lengthy and deep anaesthesia like it would be for most surgeries. Certainly my vets were extremely relaxed about anaesthetising my very old and rickety rat with suspected heart failure (which was then confirmed by xray).

How bad are Lilly's symptoms and what are they like? Sometimes rats can get lung scarring which leads to their breathing sounding noisy all their life just as a matter of course.
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