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Post by newbie1522 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 7:05 pm

Hi - I have been absent from the forum for some time but am back for some expert advice and the voice(s) of experiance.
Sadly one of my girls died last week :halo: :love: and I am now left with one girl (21months old) with a small (suspected) mammary tumour. (She has had several removed already and I am expecting the vet to want to remove this one at her next vets visit). The breeder has kindly agreed to let me foster a pair of her does so my girl is not by herself for long.
My question is this - should I wait until after my girls operation (and until she has recovered a bit) before getting the foster pair? Should I try to contact the vets and postpone the operation, get the foster pair and then operate at a later date, when they are settled as a trio? (If so how long should I wait?).
I think as the situation stands I will be getting the operation first, then when she has recovered enough doing intros and bonding them as a trio. This would probably mean my girl will be by herself for approximately 4 weeks and I am worried this is too long. (Hence the longwinded message above :oops: )
What are your thoughts?

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