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3 adult unsocialised males, North East

Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:53 pm
by Wilcox_87
Contact details: FR username Wilcox_87. I do not currently have the rats but the lady who runs the rescue has asked me to help find them a suitable home and has given me full permission to be a primary contact.

Rescue organisation: Hartlepool Animal Rescue, Rehab and Rehoming.

Location: Currently in Hartlepool, County Durham but can be transported to East Yorkshire area by myself and may be coming to me for foster in Bridlington, East Yorkshire if a home cannot be found in the next two weeks.

Number of groups: 1

Number of rats in group: 3
Gender: Male
Age: Approximately 1 year but true age unknown
Name(s): Butternut, Marrow and Pumpkin
Colours/varieties: 2x Black hooded, 1x Black berkshire. All top eared standard coats.
Neutered: No

Reason for rehoming: Currently in a small, home run rescue. These rats were abandoned and taken into rescue but the lady has not been able to handle them. They are a well bonded group and have never shown aggression to each other.

Temperament: All three rats are unsocialised and have a history of biting very hard. As far as we are aware they have never been handled by people, although on occasion the lady at the rescue has been able to briefly pick them up. They are very timid and will need a lot of time and patience by an experienced rat owner.
Medical problems: None known of.
Will the group be split: N/A

Transport: Rescue is willing to transport around the NE of England if petrol costs are covered. I am willing to transport around North and East Yorkshire.
Other: Experienced home only, preferably with someone with knowledge/experience in unsocialised rats. Rescue cannot provide a cage with these rats so own cage will be required.

Re: 3 adult unsocialised males, North East

Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:10 pm
by Wilcox_87

Unfortunately, one of the hooded boys passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday evening :cry: The lady caring for them said that he was absolutely fine about an hour earlier, active and not showing any sign of illness but she found him dead when she went back in. We are thinking it was either a stroke or his heart.

The two remaining boys seem very healthy and active. They are coming to me for foster in Bridlington, East Yorkshire on Sunday where I will work hard on socialising them.

Again I can provide transport for the right home :D

Re: 3 adult unsocialised males, North East

Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:12 am
by Wilcox_87

These two beautiful boys have now gone to a wonderful home :hearts: :luck: