Available: 2 adult girls, Morden, Surrey

For helping rats to safety in new permanent homes, foster homes, or for other rescue related situations. Please use the relevant template, threads will need approval.
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Available: 2 adult girls, Morden, Surrey

Post by Couthy_pebble » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:00 pm

Contact details: My FR user name is Couthy_pebble and I am also contactable via email at woodvine107@gmail.com
Location: Morden, Surrey

Number of groups of rats: 1

Group number: 1
Number of rats in group: 2
Gender: does
Age(s): just over a year old
Name(s): Nellie and Skitt
Colours/varieties: Nellie is grey and white, and Skitt is black and white
Neutered: no

Reason for rehoming: Unfortunately we haven't been able to have them out recently due to personal problems and they seem to have withdrawn a bit and aren't quite as used to being handled. But both girls are very friendly when you get to know them and deserve someone who can give them the time and attention they deserve.

Temperament: Both girls have lovely, funny personalities but are a bit timid, Skitt being the shyer of the two. They will happily come over when out of the cage and are very inquisitive.
Medical problems: No medical problems known
Will the group be split (only relevant for groups of 4 and over): n/a

Transport available: could possibly be arranged
Other: They will come with their cage, bedding,food, toilet, dig box ect
If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask. I really hope to re-home them quickly as they would be much happy with someone who has the time for them.



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